Creating a Master Policy

Modified on Tue, 23 Jan 2024 at 08:42 AM

Release Date: 01/23/24

Modified Date: 01/23/24

Setting a Master Policy

Users are assigned one policy when they login to the Connection Broker using the rules on the Configuration > Assignments page. The user is assigned the policy by the rule which first matches their profiles. Some sites have difficulty ordering the assignment rules because they have users in multiple groups and conflicting group assignments. To overcome this, you can create a master policy.  The master policy includes all pools, and users are offered desktops from one or more pools using advanced settings in Policy - Pool definition

Follow these steps to create a master policy:

1) Under Configuration > Policies click the "Create Policy" button

2) Add policy name and save

3) Under the "pool assignments" tab add all the pools the users will have access to

4) Edit a pool assignment

5) For the option "Offer desktops from this pool:" use the dropdown menu to select "Only to users matching specific attribute rules"

6) Filter who gets access to the pool

7) Repeat for each pool

8) Update the Assignments page to associate the user/group with the Master policy

9) Test the policy by navigating to Resources > Users - Test Login(with a user associated with the master policy)