Leostream Product Life Cycle

Modified on Wed, 25 Oct 2023 at 03:07 PM

Leostream 202x Product Life Cycle:

Leostream Platform 202x is a release train that keeps moving forward and we encourage Leostream customers to be as up-to-date as possible. We will maintain and support individual releases, as follows.

End of Maintenance (EOM):  Leostream provides maintenance releases for the current point release. For example, if the current release is 2022.1, maintenance releases (2022.1.3, for example) are available until the 2022.2 release is generally available. While a release is in Maintenance, Leostream will provide bug fixes, as needed, on that release branch.

End of Support (EOS): Leostream continues to provide Technical Support for a point release for twelve (12) months after the first date when that point release becomes generally available. Leostream Support will answer technical and configuration questions, and provide bug fixes if the point release is still within its Maintenance window.

End of Life (EOL): A Leostream point release is end-of-life after 18 months. Customers must upgrade to the most recently released version before receiving Leostream support.

Leostream Product Life Cycle:  

The following table provides life cycle dates for the Leostream Connection Broker. See the current Connection Broker release notes for version compatibility of the Leostream Agents, Leostream Connect clients, and Leostream Gateways. Please contact support@leostream.com for more information.







October 31, 2023 

April 30, 2024 

August 31, 2024

2022.1April 30, 2023August 31, 2023November 30, 2023
9.1 June 30, 2023September 30, 2023December 31, 2023


October 31, 2022 

January 31, 2023 

April 30, 2023


September 30, 2021 

December 31, 2021 

March 30, 2022


May 31, 2021 

August 31, 2021 

November 30, 2021


March 30, 2020 

June 30, 2020 

September 30, 2020


September 30, 2019 

December 31, 2019 

March 30, 2020


June 30, 2020 

September 30, 2020 

December 31, 2020


End of Maintenance (EOM): Before this date, customer-blocking defects and requirements will be addressed on this release, resulting in an available update for this Connection Broker version.


End of Support (EOS): Before this date, the Leostream Support Team will provide full support with regards to questions and configuration issues. Defect resolutions and feature requests are implemented on the currently shipping Connection Broker release, not as an update to a Broker version in the EoS period. After the EoS date, any support activities must be contracted with professional services.


End of Life (EOL): No further support or maintenance is available on this release. Customers must upgrade to the current release to obtain support and new features. For information on Leostream’s release policy, view the Leostream Upgrade and Update Policy.