Ticket Statuses Explained

Modified on Fri, 03 Mar 2023 at 03:28 PM

Waiting on Agent ReplyThe initial ticket submission or a follow-up was recorded and the Agent was notified. Urgent tickets will receive a first-response within 4 business hours, while others will receive a first-response within 1 business day.
Waiting on Customer ReplyThe Agent responded to the ticket and is waiting on the customer to replyDepending on the severity, tickets are automatically marked as inactive after 7-14 days.
InactiveThe ticket was in "Waiting on Customer Reply" for 7-14 days and is now marked inactiveDepending on the severity, the tickets are later marked "Resolved" without a response after 3-7 days.
Waiting on Engineering
The ticket was escalated to a development team for further analysis.Depending on the nature of the ticket, this normally takes 1-5 business days.
Waiting on Next Release
The ticket has a bug fix or feature request associated in it that will be made available in the next releaseDependent on when the feature or enhancement was implemented and the release schedule
Call ScheduledA call was scheduled with a Leostream technical resource
The timeline is determined by the customer and Leostream
Waiting on 3rd PartyThe ticket is on hold waiting for a reply from a different vendor or a different internal team
Depending on the nature of the ticket, this normally takes 1-5 business days.
Pending FixThe ticket uncovered a bug and an official bug report was submitted
Dependent on the severity of the bug
Feature RequestThe ticket contained a feature request and it was submitted to the Product teamDependent on the feature request's alignment to the product roadmap
Feature/Fix AvailableThe ticket was previously in "Waiting on Next Release" and the release became available.The ticket remains open for another 10 days to allow the customer to reply back.
Resolved or ClosedThe ticket was resolved.N/A

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