Leostream Job Queue: Explained

Modified on Fri, 15 Dec 2023 at 10:01 AM

Release Date: 03/4/22
Modified Date: 12/13/23

The > System > Job Queue page, shown in the following figure, displays the Connection Broker work queue, including all completed, running, and pending jobs. You can modify the columns included on this page by clicking the Customize columns link at the top-right side of the page

Jobs are ran for a number of different Connection Broker actions, such as: Agent scanning, Center scans, Gateway status checks, idle time actions, pool statistics, and desktop releases. The below table demonstrates the different statuses that a job can have:

Job Queue StatusDefinition
AbortedThe job unexpectedly quit
CancelledThe job was previously scheduled, but a user action or another job canceled it
FinishedThe job successfully ran
RunningThe job is currently running
PendingThe job is scheduled to run based on the Scheduled time

More information about the Job Queue can be found in our Administrator's Guide on Page 298.

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