The Connection Broker needs several components running for the application to run properly. The easiest way to check on the status of these components is by logging into the CLI as a sudo user and running:

/home/leo/app/ --status

The output of this command should look something like this by default:

In the case that you see certain components not running, you can restart all the components by running:

/home/leo/app/ --restart

If you would like to only restart a single component, run the below command:

/home/leo/app/ --service servicename --restart

warning_48Please make sure that the leo user is a sudo user and has full access to the /home/leo directory. The below image shows the default permissions for this directory:

warning_48Running sudo -l -U leo should show permissions of the leo user. Please verify that the permissions match the below screenshot:

If you are still having issues with components running, even after rebooting the machine, please generate a technical support package and attach it to a new support ticket

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