HP Anywhere/Teradici PCoIP 6608 and 6609 Errors Explained

Modified on Tue, 25 Jul 2023 at 02:55 PM

The Leostream Connection Broker works in tandem with the PCoIP Connection Manager to provide customers with the most enterprise-ready connection platform. When users launch a PCoIP Connection in this type of environment, they may encounter a PCoIP 6608 or 6609 error. This typically indicates there was a communication issue between the PCoIP Connection Manager and the Leostream Connection Broker, or between the PCoIP Connection Manager and PCoIP Agent. Below are some of the typical reasons you'll encounter this issue.

Error 6608:

  1. Ensure that the Connection Manager can reach the defined PcoipAddress/Broker URL on port 443 using a tool like curl

  2. If you're receiving this error after selecting a desktop to connect to, verify whether the issue is a timeout by checking your Connection Broker's >System>Log to see if the machine is booting up or if the remote viewer port is unreachable. If it's the latter, please verify that the Connection Broker is able to reach that desktop on the "Alternate Port for Remote Viewer port check"

  3. Verify that PCoIP functionality is enabled on your Leostream Connection Broker by accessing https://<your_broker_address>/pcoip-broker/xml. If it's enabled, you should see the below message:
    Each Connection Broker server in the cluster should be checked.   Restart the Connection Broker services if you don't see the above message.   To restart the services,
  • Log into the Connection Broker server
  • Type 'su - leo' at the command prompt to switch to the leo user
  • Select Power from the Main Menu 
  • Select Restart from the Power Menu  
  • Select Yes at the restart prompt  
  • Select Continue

If you continue to have a problem,  please contact support@leostream.com with your serial number

Error 6609:

  1. The PCoIP Connection Manager must be able to reach the PCoIP Agent on ports 4172 and 60443 to establish the PCoIP Session

  2. By default, the Leostream Connection Broker sends the desktop's hostname to the Connection Manager. You must either adjust the DNS settings on the Connection Manager so that the hostname can be resolved, or you must change the desktop attribute in your protocol plan from {HOSTNAME} to {IP_ADDRESS}.

    Note: The "-->" symbol signifies changing the default value. Please choose either {HOSTNAME} or {IP_ADDRESS}.

  3. If you've verified that the above are true, please review the PCoIP Agent logs and contact Teradici/HP Anywhere Support for troubleshooting.

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