Fatal Error: Can't connect to remote database

Modified on Fri, 15 Dec 2023 at 10:00 AM

Release Date: 6/20/21
Modified Date: 12/13/23

Without a connection to the external database, core components of the Connection Broker - such as the work queue and web interface - cannot function. There are two ways of resolving this issue. First, you can address the networking or authentication issue on the server hosting the database. Or, you can use the Administrative Menu to switch to an internal database, which will restore access to the web interface. From there, you can try attaching to a working external database.

Using the Administrative Menu

  1. SSH to the machine hosting the Connection Broker software with a sudo user
  2. Use the below command to access the menu:
    su - leo
  3. Once presented with the below menu, select the Database option
  4. Select "Switch"

  5. Once switched, the internal database will be used and access to the web interface should be restored. If not, try Troubleshooting the Components of the Connection Broker. Please note that the database switch can affect authentication to the application. If you need to reset this via the console, please see our guide here

Once you have access to the web interface, you can navigate to System > Maintenance > Switch to ___ external database to try to restore the connection.

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