Removing a Gateway from the Connection Broker

Modified on Fri, 15 Dec 2023 at 10:00 AM

Release Date: 4/16/21
Modified Date: 12/13/23

There are two main connections between the Leostream Gateway and the Leostream Connection Broker

  1. Broker Login Forwarding
  2. Gateway attachment

Broker login forwarding can be disabled from the Leostream Gateway CLI by running the below command:

leostream-gateway --no-broker

Gateway detachment can be done using the Connection Broker Web UI. Navigate to Setup > Gateways and edit the desired Gateway

Notice how there is no delete button? Before deleting the Gateway, you have to make sure you either delete the protocol plans that are associated with it or you have to edit the protocol plans so they no longer use your decommissioned Gateway:

In the odd case that you run into issues deleting the Gateway, or attaching the Gateway back, you may need to login to the Gateway's CLI to run the below command:

leostream-gateway --detach

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