Broker Forwarding + HTTP/S Passthrough

Modified on Fri, 03 Mar 2023 at 04:00 PM

The Leostream Gateway can be used to forward user login traffic from Leostream client devices to the Leostream Connection Broker. With Connection Broker forwarding enabled, the Connection Broker does not need to be accessible from the user’s client device and, instead, can be isolated in the same network as your desktops.

To enable Connection Broker forwarding, log into your Leostream Gateway and execute the following command.


sudo leostream-gateway --broker <your-broker-address>


If you have a Connection Broker cluster behind a load balancer, enter the address of your load balancer.


After forwarding is enabled, all URLs that point to your Leostream Gateway are forwarded to the entered Connection Broker with the exception of the URL used to check the status of the gateway and to access the Leostream Gateway API.

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