Leostream Upgrade and Update Policy

Modified on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 10:53 AM

Leostream Upgrade and Update Policy


Leostream continually releases software upgrades, updates, and revisions to provide our customers with features and issue resolutions for the platform components. Releases may, but are not required to, provide new version of all components of the Leostream platform, including the Connection Broker, Leostream Agents, Leostream Connect clients, and Leostream Gateway.

All Leostream Platform releases are available to customers with an active Leostream subscription. Leostream customers with a legacy perpetual license for version 9.x are entitled to Revisions to the 9.1 branch until it reaches its end-of-life date.

Software releases for the Leostream Platform fall into one of the following three categories, based on the functionality in the Connection Broker component of the platform.

Upgrades are associated with Connection Broker packages that install on an upgraded version of the underlying Linux distribution, for example when upgrading the underlying operating system from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, or that contain major feature enhancements that can be obtained only by installing a new Connection Broker.

Updates increment the first or second version number and introduce enhancements that increase the functionalities in the product. The first version number indicates the year when the release was issued. The second number indicates a release number. Updates are provided two to three times a year, and additionally include all minor error resolutions contained in a Revision release for the previous Update.

Revisions increment the version number to the right of the second point, for example updating from version 2022.4.1 to 2022.4.2. Revisions contain error corrections and minor enhancements that do not substantially increase the functionalities of the product. Revisions are released periodically between Updates to ensure Leostream customers have access to new features and resolutions as soon as possible.