Leostream Multi-Tenancy Explained

Modified on Mon, 29 Jan 2024 at 10:07 AM

Many large organizations and service providers will have a requirement to segregate their resources and authentication systems to better manage different organizational units. This allows organizations to build out a centralized services approach, while providing the required limited administrator and user access which doesn't affect other tenants. Below you will find the necessary requirements to create tenants and the best way to implement it for your organization. 

In the above example, this organization has two sites, with a centrally managed Connection Broker in Site A. There is a Site-to-Site connection between the two sites which allows the Connection Broker in Site A to communicate with the Leostream Agents and Authentication Server in Site B. This also allows the users accessing Site B to authenticate against the centralized Connection Broker in Site A. The unique URL endpoint allows the Connection Broker to properly categorize users in the appropriate tenant.

Below is a video explaining our Multi-Tenancy functionality: