Installing from the Leostream Repository

Modified on Fri, 03 Mar 2023 at 03:44 PM

Version 9

If the machine on which you plan to install the Connection Broker has internet access, you can automatically download and install the Connection Broker package from the Leostream repository.

If you are installing the Connection Broker onto a virtual machine, Leostream recommends taking a snapshot of the machine prior to proceeding with the installation.

Apply all updates to the base operating system, prior to installing the Connection Broker. Then, on a machine running any supported operating system, run the following command.

curl | bash

For Connection Brokers with internet access, you can upgrade your Connection Broker using the Check for updates option on the Connection Broker > System > Maintenance page.

Upgrade fails due to HTTPD conflict


Description automatically generated

This problem is caused by HTTP installation the Connection Broker server.    Connection Broker installs its own version of HTTP and will throw a conflict if it finds another version on the server.


  1. Login to Connection Broker server
  2. Remove HTTP using ‘sudo yum remove httpd.x86_64’

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