v9 Installation Requirements and Considerations

Modified on Fri, 03 Mar 2023 at 03:42 PM

Leostream provides a Connection Broker package that can be installed on any virtual or physical machine running the latest 64-bit CentOS 7.x or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x operating system.

The Connection Broker does not install on CentOS 8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 8, or any other Linux distribution.

The Connection Broker and Leostream Gateway must be installed on separate machines. Both are designed to be the only application installed on their respective machine.

The Connection Broker and Leostream Gateway can be installed on a minimal operating system or on a machine running a desktop environment.

Ensure that you are not running an Apache HTTP Server on the machine that will run your Connection Broker. Leostream installs and manages Apache and any other HTTP Server process running on the machine results in Leostream web server failures.

Build your Linux machine to the specifications required by your selected operating system and apply the latest updates prior to installing Leostream. In addition to the operating system requirements, the Connection Broker requires the following:

  • 8.0 GB of RAM

  • At least 20 GB of hard drive space

  • One NIC, optionally with Internet connectivity

When installing into a VMware enviroment, ensure that you install VMware tools on to the virtual machine that will run the Connection Broker.

The Connection Broker installation process automatically creates a user named leo and installs the Connection Broker in the /home/leo directory.

When installing the operating system, Leostream recommends that you do not define a user named leo on the system, as the Connection Broker installation process automatically creates this user and their home directory. If you manually add the leo user, ensure that they have their own group and that they are included in the sudoers file.

You cannot install the Connection Broker in a different directory, and the /home/leo directory cannot be an NFS location.

Connection Broker 9.0 utilizes the time zone and networking configuration of the underlying operating system. The system time zone determines the time zone used by the internal Connection Broker PostgreSQL database, and continues to be the Connection Broker time zone until you switch your Connection Broker to an external database. At that point, the Connection Broker uses the time zone of the external database.

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