The Connection Broker started using the Teradici AWI to manage PCoIP devices as Teradici dropped support for the CMI in their zero clients and host cards. Here's a rundown on the Connection Broker releases as we transitioned from CMI to AWI support  

  • Release includes CMI support and has limited support for the AWI. This is the release that began using the AWI for the zero client management, and it has limited AWI functionality for the host cards. AWI support must be enabled on the clients and host cards 
  • Release improves the AWI support, and is the last release that also supports the CMI. CMI support is disabled by default.  You can enable CMI support by renaming a file on the Connection Broker server.  
  • Release removed CMI support since it is no longer supported by TeradiciTeradici devices are supported solely by the AWI.   

Here's the recommended upgrade path for you:

  1. Upgrade the Connection Broker to Release and enable CMI support.  CMI support is enabled by renaming the file to You can find this file in the /home/leo/app directory on the Connection Broker server.  
  2. Upgrade clients & firmware to version 21.x . The clients and hostcards should have AWI enabled. Both clients and hostcards should direct syslog to your Connection Broker. 
  3. Upgrade the Connection Broker to the latest production release. 

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