(11/1/23): Leostream Platform Update

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Important Note

Connection Broker 2023.2 introduces the new Leostream Web Client. If required, you can revert to the legacy web client by deselecting the Use New Client option in the Web Browser Configuration section of the Connection Broker > System > Settings page. 

Leostream will continue to support the legacy web client until December 31, 2024. While supported, Leostream will provide any required configuration support and issue resolutions for the legacy web client. However, new functionality features will be implemented for the new Web client, only.

As 9.1 and 2022 have reached the End of Support here is the Product Lifecycle to plan for future upgrades: https://support.leostream.com/support/solutions/articles/66000514243-leostream-product-life-cycle

Connection Broker 2023.2.1.1

  • The Connection Broker now runs on Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) 
  • Connection Broker databases can now contain any UTF-8 character 
  • The end-user facing Web client has been completely redesigned 
  • The new Web client and Administrator web interface now include a Dark Mode option 
  • Protocol plans can now launch DCV connections via a Web URI instead of by downloading a file 
  • Pools that provisioning into AWS EC2 can now launch new instances from Launch Templates 
  • The actions to join a desktop to a domain and, where applicable, take a snapshot of newly provisioned machines have moved into a new Provisioning Actions table, which also supports changing the power state of the provisioned VM and scheduling a wait time until the new machine is available for assignment 
  • You can now specify a payload when provisioning into Verge.io infrastructures 
  • Alerts can now be sent as Webhooks to enable, for example, Slack integration 
  • In addition, the > System > Alerts page has been redesigned to facilitate expanding the number of available alerts in future releases 
  • The new system.health RESTful API returns information about the reachability of external systems, such as authentication servers and databases, as well as the status of internal Connection Broker services, such as Redis and the work queue 7 
  • The Connection Broker CLI contains a new option to enable and disable JavaScript in the Message Board, on the Sign In page, and in the Message Text Note that new installations of Connection Broker 2023.2 disable JavaScript, by default 
  • The Connection Broker installer now installs Postfix for use as an internal SMTP server for sending email alerts 
  • The Connection Broker defines the new “Third-Party Hard-Assigned” assignment type for Amazon WorkSpaces Core instances, so these virtual machines can be managed by Leostream policies even through their assignment is controlled by a third-party, in this case Amazon WorkSpaces 
  • The Pool History graph on the Dashboard can now be set to display a custom date range or a specific number of days of data 
  • The Administrator web interface is now customizable via the CSS-file located in /leo/app/css/custom/broker.css 
  • This release resolves issues related to policy assignments for local Connection Broker administrators

Leostream Gateway 2023.2.1.1

  • Updates Apache Guacamole to version 1.5.3 
  • Updates Apache Tomcat to version 9.0.78 
  • Files stored in the temporary file transfer directory located in /tmp are now deleted when the remote session closes

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