REST API parity with SOAP API

Posted 8 months ago by Rob Zimmelman

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Rob Zimmelman

Hi, gentle request for REST API parity with the existing SOAP API.   recently looking for Users List and was unavailable via REST but available via SOAP (ticket #11123).   Unaware of other features that may not be available via REST despite being available via SOAP. 

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Vlad Trofimov

Vlad Trofimov posted 8 months ago Admin

Hi Rob,

Firstly, thanks for leveraging our forums! We do have an open feature request for this, and is part of RESTful API roadmap. It looks like that existing ticket is tied with that feature request, and you will be automatically notified when that REST method is available in a release. We appreciate your flexibility while we are developing the REST API. Please let us know through that ticket if you have any questions.

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