(4/24/23): Leostream Platform Update

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Connection Broker 2023.1.1


  • Upgrades: After upgrading to Connection Broker 2023.1.1, subsequent upgrades can be completed using the upgrade options on the > System > Maintenance page
  • Amazon Web Services support:
    • New Amazon WorkSpaces Core integration supports creating WorkSpaces centers in order to launch, assign, and connect users to WorkSpaces Core instances
    • WorkSpaces Core and AWS EC2 centers can now authenticate with the AWS API using an IAM role attached to the Connection Broker EC2 instance
    • Pools can now provision T4g instance types
    • Any VM::EC2 StartInstances error messages are now logged in the  > System > Log page
  • Protocol plans can be configured to specify or allow users to enter alternative usernames and passwords to use when launching HTML5 RDP connections via the Leostream Gateway
  • RESTful API enhancements
    • The RESTful API is now implemented using the OpenAPI Specification (OAS)
    • Documentation for the RESTful API methods can be found in the Connection Broker at https://broker-address/download/rest-api.html
    • The new gateway RESTful API supports adding, removing, and updating Leostream Gateway record in the Connection Broker
    • The pools API now supports configuring provisioning parameters for VMware centers
  • Syslog enhancements
    • The Log Settings page now supports entering multiple syslog servers
    • Syslog servers specified on the Log Settings page can now include a port number, to support non-standard syslog ports
    • Syslog messages can now be sent using either TCP or UDP
    • Enabling syslog for one Connection Broker in a cluster now automatically configures all Connection Brokers in the cluster
  • Pools can now be defined based on the properties of the GPU associated with the desktop
  • Desktops:
    • Manually releasing a desktop from the > Resources > Desktops page now provides an option to either invoke or ignore all Power Control and Release Plan actions associated with that desktop assignment
    • The Bulk Edit form for desktops includes a new option to indicate if new notes should be prepended or appended to the existing notes for each desktop record
  • Users are now assigned to stopped desktops as soon as they click an option to start the machine, instead of waiting for the machine to finishing powering on and attempting to establish a connection

    NOTE: A check of the display protocol port must pass in order for the desktop to be considered as successfully powered on, otherwise the Connection Broker unassigns the desktop with a “Failed to start” message and no Release or Power Control plans are invoked

  • Protocol plans now support the Scale Logic Remote Access Portal (RAP) – VDI solution
  • The right side of the Edit Location page now displays additional information about the clients contained in that location
  • Command line interface:
    • A new --force option for the switch_database CLI allows the Connection Broker to switch to its internal database when its current external database is unreachable
    • The switch_database CLI now prompts for a password when one is not specified in the command line arguments

Resolved Issues

  • Resolve issue generating DCV authentication tokens when a username is repeated in multiple registered authentication servers
  • When logging into a tenant and launching a PCoIP connection using the HP Anyware software client, the Domain field now contains only information for the tenant’s domain
  • The is_alive query now consistently returns a 503 status when the Connection Broker database is unavailable
  • No longer require an interactive terminal session if the --apply-license option for the leostream-broker CLI includes the --accept flag
  • Resolve issue related to parsing smart cards using the latest version of OpenSSL
  • Resolve issue provisioning T3 instances (only effected customers with a beta version of Connection Broker 2023)
  • Resolve issue related to Dashboard rendering when opening multiple Connection Broker sessions across different browser tabs
  • When storing configurable parameters globally for all connections, display protocols that are used across multiple pools in the policy are now listed once as the union of all configurable parameters, instead of repeating display protocols in the Configurable Parameters dialog
  • No longer create duplicate Enrolled Desktops when a Leostream Agent registers on a machine that has already been inventoried from an Active Directory center
  • No longer log an error when attempting to delete an AWS instance inventoried in the Connection Broker, if that instance is already terminated in the AWS management console
  • Improve logging messages when provisioning virtual machines in VMware that reuse a NIC that was used by a different virtual machine that was previously inventoried in the Connection Broker
  • No longer create an empty user record when receiving a RESTful API login call to a Connection Broker with an expired license
  • No longer purge the default local Administrator account when purging the Connection Broker database
  • Resolve issue changing the query order of authentication servers on the > Setup > Authentication Server page.

Leostream Gateway 2023.1.0.11

  • The Leostream Gateway now runs on Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
  • Upgraded to Apache Guacamole 1.5.0
  • Remove all reboot requirements when installing the Leostream Gateway, detaching it from a Connection Broker, and leveraging the leostream-gateway CLI commands
  • Do not serve the /version URL when Connection Broker forwarding is enabled
  • Remove the /api URL

Leostream Agent for Windows – Version 2023.1.0.0

  • Support monitoring connections to the Scale Logic Remote Access Portal (RAP) – VDI solution
  • Resolve issue deleting user profiles when the user’s Connection Broker Role is set to delete the user and profile on logout
  • Improvements for DCV session handling
  • Improve detection of installed Windows operating system version

Leostream Connect for Windows – Version 2023.1.1.0

  • Support connections using the Scale Logic Remote Access Portal (RAP) – VDI solution
  • Update dialogs for managing invitations using native Windows components
  • Resolve issues opening and displaying dialogs in languages other than English

Leostream Agent for Linux and macOS – Version 5.3.6

  • Support third-party signed certificates
  • Support monitoring connections to the Scale Logic Remote Access Portal (RAP) – VDI solution
  • Return desktop GPU information to the Connection Broker

Leostream Connect for Linux and macOS – Version 3.9.2

  • Support connections using the Scale Logic Remote Access Portal (RAP) – VDI solution

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