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Broker multiple ports/sessions between client and server

There is a new application which comes with DaVinci Resolve Studio from Black Magic Design called DaVinci Remote Monitoring, which allows Resolve Studio to act as a server to stream a broadcast picture output to a companion desktop app on the (thin) client side. Attaching their hardware decoder to the thin client then allows that broadcast output to be sent via HDMI or SDI to a professional broadcast monitor. the connection is over TCP 16410.

Given that the server is in AWS and the client is remote, we connect the user via either PCoIP or DCV, but the only current way to get the Remote Monitoring app to work is to either get the user on VPN from the thin client, or give the AWS instance a Public IP and run it over the internet, restricted via firewall policy. They seems to envision a world where the "studio" client is routable to the workstation running Resolve, but in reality so many people work from home now, or from studios/offices that do not even utilize Direct Connect.

Is there a world where Leostream could open a port via a Leostream gateway between the thin client and the AWS instance on TCP 16410 at the same time as brokering the remote desktop connection? Would be amazing to specify two Protocols in a Protocol Plan, or two Protocol Plans for particular machines. I think there must be so many use cases where a server and client need access to additional ports beyond the remote desktop protocol.

Would love to hear Leostream's thoughts on this. Every other method just feels clunky and hacky, and doing this in Leostream seems like the right place, given that it already is handling brokerage, and has control of firewalld in the Leostream Gateway.

Our industry is very quickly transitioning towards cloud providers, and this is a challenge that is going to be thing for a lot of us.

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Hi Alan,

We haven't had this feature request, so I can submit this to our product team for approval. The more customers request this feature, the more likely this will be in a future feature. It sounds like the the feature would need to have a section in the protocol plan for a secondary custom port to be opened alongside the primary protocol. Given no protocol configuration file is generated, how do you expect users to receive the gateway/port information to use with the DaVinci Remote Monitoring application? 



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