(4/22/22): Leostream Platform 9.1 Update 3 Release Notes

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Leostream Platform 9.1 – Update 3

Important Notes

Connection Broker 9.1 enables the RESTful API, by default, and therefore requires additional RAM. If you are upgrading from Connection Broker 9.0 or installing a new Connection Broker, ensure that your Connection Broker RAM is at least 8GB prior to upgrading or installing Connection Broker 9.1, respectively

Version 7.4.13 and higher of the Leostream Agent for Windows Operating system and 5.2.10 and higher of the Leostream Agent for macOS and Linux now distinguish between older versions of RGS and newer versions of HP ZCentral Remote Boost. If you define Pools based on the Installed Protocols attribute having a text value of RGS, edit the pool to include machines with Boost installed, as well, to ensure desktops running all versions of the protocol appear in the pool.

Connection Broker 9.1.18


  • Component updates:
    • Leostream Agent 7.4.15 for Windows Operating Systems: Returns version information for Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 operating systems 
    • Leostream Agent 5.2.16 for Linux and macOS
      • Support forcefully logging off users from sessions connected using HP ZCentral Remote Boost version 20.0x
      • Honor the Role option to create local users on login (applies to Linux operating systems, only)
      • When installed on macOS, report the PCoIP CAS Agent version and send disconnect notifications for PCoIP CAS sessions 
  • The Connection Broker Security Options on the > System > Settings page contains additional options to set Cross-Origin HTTP security headers (if you plan to take advantage of these headers and are using Duo for MFA, please see the guide for Using DUO MFA with Leostream)

  • You can now add the ID column to any Resources list page, to simplify relating objects in the lists to their associated references in the Connection Broker Technical Support package

  • The VMware vSphere SDK used for VMware centers has been upgraded to version 7.0.0 U2, to support Guest OS Customization files when provisioning Linux virtual machines

  • You can now select a Recipe to use for provisioning in Verge.io

  • You can now build a Role that restricts logging into the Connection Broker Web interface for users dedicated to executing the RESTful API

  • Added support for sending invitations to collaborate to sessions launched using the HTML5 NoMachine client

  • Connection Broker forms now require you to re-enter passwords whenever the hostname or IP address of an object, such as a center or authentication server, is changed

  • The Connection Broker now recognizes desktops running Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 operating systems (requires Leostream Agent 7.4.15)

Resolved Issues

  • No longer create duplicate local user accounts after the Connection Broker receives a rogue user login notification from the Leostream Agent and the current license count is exceeded
  • The range of pool history data displayed on the Dashboard is no longer defined by a static start and stop date, to resolve the issue where no data is displayed when those dates are beyond the data retention date
  • The Connection Broker now inventories Azure images that do not have an associated Managed Disk so these images can be used for provisioning in pools
  • Security enhancements for the global search function

Leostream Gateway

  • Upgrades the Apache Guacamole HTML5 viewer to version 1.4, which improves audio support for HTML5 RDP connections

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