VDI Provisioning - Sequence Numbering

Posted about 2 years ago by Adam Schultheis

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Adam Schultheis

Is it possible to make the sequence numbering for new desktops to be a 3 digits rather than just 1?

I know we can start the sequence number at 100 and that would do it, but curious if there is a way to do 001, 002, etc.

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Adam Schultheis posted about 2 years ago

Verified Vlad's answer on CB version on internal Lab.

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Vlad Trofimov

Vlad Trofimov posted about 2 years ago Admin

Hi Adam,

Yes, this is possible using the following format in your sequencing: hostname-{SEQUENCE_001-to-100}. Could you submit a ticket if you run into any trouble provisioning this way? 

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