(8/2/21): Leostream Platform Release Notes for Connection Broker

Posted about 2 years ago by Vlad Trofimov

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Vlad Trofimov
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  • The Edit Desktop page contains new options to instruct the Connection Broker to mark the desktop as Unavailable after the user logs out or the desktop is released, to support use cases where the machine requires maintenance and should be taken out-of-service when the current user is finished
  • The Bulk Edit action for desktops now allows you to set the Log user into remote desktop as option for multiple desktops
  • The Desktop selection preference drop-down menu in Policies provides a new option to favor the least recently offered desktops, to support use cases where a large number of users simultaneously log into the Connection Broker to connect to a desktop in the same pool, such as for a schedule class or project

Resolved Issues:

  • Policies that offer stopped desktops from an Azure center now also offer desktops in the Deallocated state
  • Resolves an issue introduced in version related to launching the PCoIP client from a Web client login that was authenticated from a SAML Identity provider
  • Using the desktop Bulk Edit form to convert a desktop to a Multi-User Center now marks the original desktop as unavailable instead of removing it from the > Resources > Desktops page
  • Resolves an issue where search filters for columns on Resource lists could be unintentionally reset
  • Improved handling of special characters in Active Directory groups used for policy assignment

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