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Leostream Agent password Expired notification and/or reset

If you have Leostream Agent authentication pointed to ActiveDirectory and the passward of the user is either expired or set to  change upon next login.  The Leostream Agent does understand these settings and an error of access denied is listed instead listing password is expired. It does not also allow prompting of changing expired password. 

Hi Joshua,

Currently, we have an option to allow users with an expired password to login (Setup > Authentication Servers > Edit > Allow users to log in with an expired password). Once a user has access to the Web UI, they can connect to an AD-joined desktop and the O/S will prompt the user to change their password.



Does that the login with Expired password work from the Leostream Agent on linux? we have two ways to access leostream one is the web portal as a remote access and the other option is from Leostream Agent on a Linux thinclient. 

Great question - I don't believe Linux machines would be able to prompt users to change their AD credentials because of an expired password. I'll create a Feature Request to explore whether we can change expired credentials from the Web UI login or Leostream Connect login. I will lock this Topic and will update you on the status of this request via a ticket. Thanks!