(4/23/21): New Release! Leostream Platform Release Notes

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Vlad Trofimov
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Connection Broker

  • DCV – Protocol plans include a new option to launch virtual sessions for Linux
  • PCoIP – Protocol plans include a new option for specifying the dynamic tag that determines the desktop attribute (hostname or IP address) sent to the Teradici PCoIP Connection Manager for establishing PCoIP connections.
  • Azure: Pools can now provision Azure NV4A instance types
  • AWS: Centers include two new options to indicate if the Connection Broker should wait for the two AWS initialization checks to complete before considering the instance as running and ready for connections
  • Idle-time warnings: Release plans contain a new option to popup a warning message on the user’s desktop if they are going to be forcefully logged out due to the plan’s idle time setting (Windows, only) 
  • The OS Version filter on the > Resources > Desktops now allows you to filter based on specific versions

Leostream Agent 5.1.24 for Linux and macOS

  • Supports launching multiple virtual DCV sessions on Linux DCV servers

Leostream Agent 7.3.13 for Microsoft Windows operating systems

  • Improves session handling for the HP ZCentral Remote Boost display protocol

Leostream Connect 4.3.9 for Microsoft Windows operating systems

  • Allows specifying the path to additional display protocol software clients in the Options dialog

To view the full list release notes, please visit here!

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